Best Amazon Handbags for Spring 2022 – 90s Inspired Bags in Every Color

Amazon Spring HandbagsThis post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase through one of the links, I earn a small commission at no cost to you.

After a long cold winter of bundling up in Philly, one thing’s for sure: Spring makes fashion fun again! As excited as I am to get out of my big black puffer coat and step into strappy sandals and bright colors, some recent life changes, and not to mention inflation, are making a budget more important than ever.

So I present: a rainbow of affordable Spring bags, all available on Amazon and inspired by the 90s style we’re loving!

1. The Drop Addison Soft Volume Top Handle Bag in Red

This lil’ scrunchy bag is like the fire engine red lipstick of handbags. C’est chic, magnifique, per-feect. Also available in 6 additional colors.

2. Transparent Acrylic Shoulder Bag with Chunky Chain Strap

I want one of these in every shade for every future sporting event where you have to carry a see-through bag. Lucky for me it’s available in 6 other transparent shades, plus 3 opaque versions for those of you who like to leave a little something to the imagination.

3. Orange Tassel Crossbody Shoulder Bag

This bag is available from multiple sellers, in every color (or color combo) you can think of, and with tens of thousands of stellar reviews on Amazon. Does that mean she’s basic? Maybe, but with good reason! The clean lines and slight dome shape make this an instant classic.

The strap is adjustable, the tassels are adorable, and this bag is a “medium” size – so it will fit all your essentials plus the kitchen sink!

4. Thick Woven Messenger Bag with Chain Strap on Amazon

Is anyone else getting straight BUTTER from this yellow woven number? Anyone? I’m about to snatch it up in every color: yellow, black, blue, green, orange, and maroon. Plus it has a gold chain strap, and who doesn’t love that? I seriously don’t even mind when my hair gets caught in the chains and ripped out when I take it off my shoulder. Ah, the things we do for fashion.

Ann & Bryan Artisan Woven Bag with Beaded Handles

I realize I made this entire list and didn’t even put a natural woven option on- the kind of bag you take on Spring Break. I guess we were mostly into synthetic materials in the 90s, but I do remember that one crochet shoulder bag we all had – you know the one with the really long (non-adjustable strap) and single zipper? That’s kind of woven-ish? Right?

Anyway, the beaded handles on this woven tote from Amazon are too cute, and would pair well with an adult frozen concoction sipped in the shade.

Soft Vegan Leather V-Handle Clutch or Cross Body

This vegan leather is super-soft and the closure is magnetic! I love the puffy oversized look of this bag, and it comes in 2 sizes – small or large. Carry it from the triangle handle or adjust the strap to wear cross-body. It’s available in 8 additional colors, too.

5. Knotted Hobo Handbag from Amazon

I love the green so much (highlighter green, kelly green, neon green, forest green, for Spring that I couldn’t possibly stop at one option. So here’s three:

The simple woven fabric and jumbo knot detail on the handle are so simple yet so elegant, and that bright green packs a punch that will brighten any spring outfit. Plus green is nature’s neutral?

Woven Quilted Crossbody Vegan Leather Handbag

The big puffy silhouette of this kelly green crossbody is to-die-for! It’s from JW PEI on Amazon, which is a brand committed to quality, ethical, sustainable fashion. So good you’ll find several other handbags by this brand on the list.

Rhinestone-Embellished Feather Evening Bag

Am I tacky for loving this? Do I even care?

Ok Fancy Nancies, this is your sign to buy the handbag your 8-year-old self would thank you for a thousand times over. Also available in pink, lilac, and white – so you can coordinate it with your evening wear.

6. Blue Dumpling Handbag from Amazon

I *die* over that perfect acrylic chunky chain detail on this blue cloud purse. Plus, it has the word dumpling in the name – which I guess implies that we should all wear this on our next dim sum dinner date. #chunkychains4eva

7. Lilac Croissant Bag by JW PEI

I’m obsessed with lilac for spring, but this croissant bag (Gabbi Bag by JW PEI on Amazon) comes in 10 other colors, too – in other words, the whole rainbow. It’s crafted from 100% vegan leather and recycled plastic with enough room to hold all the essentials and then some. That scrunchy handle design SCREAMS 90s, and it’s the perfect little size to throw over your arm without inducing a shoulder-ache.

Did I mention it has 4.6/5 stars with 1,000+ reviews? Get this one!

And that’s a wrap on the PERFECT SPRING HANDBAGS from Amazon! I hope you found one that makes your little 90s baby heart go pitter-patter.